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About Festival

Khamoro ("Sunshine" in Romani) is the world’s largest professional Romani festival. Established in 1999 in Prague, it has been organized by organizations Slovo 21 and Studio Production Saga. More than 260 bands from 33 countries have performed at Khamoro – including world-known groups such as Mahala Rai Banda, Kočani Orkestar and Parno Graszt. Besides Romani music concerts performed by bands from all over the world, Khamoro also offers exhibitions, children’s activities, oral history programmes, film screenings, dance workshops and conferences. The festival attracts approximately 10,000 visitors from Czechia and abroad every year. Khamoro’s main goal is to interconnect the Romani minority with the non-Roma majority through arts and culture. Since its beginnings, the festival has been supported by notables including Václav Havel. Khamoro has been awarded with the prestigious EFFE Label quality stamp.


Press accreditation 

Press Accreditation is available for journalists from all types of media (print, online, television, radio). If you plan to report on the festival events, please fill out this form.


Claudie Laburdová

Tel: +420 777 787 953

Isabela Klvaňová



Tel: +420 724 274 420

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