Jiří Dienstbier, Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation - Khamoro 2016

I am glad that the idea of establishing the World Roma Festival Khamoro was established eighteen years ago right here in Prague. The festival has, during its “growing”, turned into a major international event. It is an excellent and professional parade of Roma culture and is among the leading cultural events in the capital.

The Khamoro has grown up, not only as a festival of music and art but also as an event that promote tolerance and understanding in society. The accompanying seminars, meetings and other events contribute to the knowledge of minority cultures that have lived among us for centuries and yet still we know so little about them. This year we are cooperating with the organizational team of the Khamoro festival on a meeting event of Roma leaders and activists within our project the Activation of the Roma through the National Roma platform. We would then like to contribute to the dialogue between the representatives of the Roma civil society and the Government council for Roma Community Affairs.

In conclusion I would like to wish the Slovo 21organization, which founded the Khamoro festival and has organized it for eighteen years with great enthusiasm, every success in leading the festival through to adulthood and in finding ways to unite us and the Roma.

I wish the Khamoro festival the very best!