Petr Dvořák, Director General of Czech Television - Khamoro 2016

Television broadcasting has nearly a century of history. It is a relatively short time; however, it has brought about a fundamental shift in how we perceive culture and the possibilities of our approach to culture. One of the fundamental roles of television, especially one that provides a real service to the public, is to open the space for all artistic genres and disciplines and to expand the active participation in their development. In this context, this is how I see the partnership between Czech Television and the Khamoro festival.

The history of Roma culture in comparison to TV is much longer. It has given base to many contemporary musical styles, and also managed to keep a distinctive folklore. So it clearly deserves its own professional festival and one whose reputation also significantly expands beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

The Khamoro represents not just a celebration of Roma art, but also a stimulus to liberal and open debate that inspires us all to become more tolerant. And that is also the idea on which Czech Television relies; its role is to integrate society, helping it to overcome information barriers and to show the world from different points of view.

I wish you much joy with the wonderful program at this year’s Khamoro festival.