Jan Michal, Head of European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic - Khamoro 2016

Dear fans of the Khamoro festival,

What you hold in your hands is not an ordinary catalog, but a summary of the best of Roma culture, which is an important part of contemporary European culture and European cultural heritage. The following few colorful pages show 18 years of creativity, talent, experiences, inspiration, cooperation and efforts to show the richness and diversity of Romani culture across Europe. This is also why around 200 artists and academics have come to Prague from at least 11 European countries.

The Khamoro festival has grown up and maturated over the 18 years of its existence. It has gained a great reputation not only in Prague and in the Czech Republic but also in Europe and other places in the world. I am glad that the European Commission Representation can be part of its story on this sometimes torturous, painful, but always interesting and motivating journey. I am convinced that thanks to the organizers and thanks to you, the audience, the journey that lies ahead will be very long.

Culture has always had, and still has, the gift to entertain and to align people. I truly believe  this year will be no different and that this year’s festival will be another piece in the mosaic of improving relations of majority of the Czech citizens and the Roma population.

I wish the festival and the organizers a happy entry into adulthood and the visitors a wonderful and valuable cultural experience.