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Khamoro 2015 was festively closed by the Black’n’White World concert

On February 6th, 8 pm, tones of classical and jazz Romani music were heard in Slovanský dům during the Black’n’White World musical project. The concert was organized by Slovo 21, z.s. and Studio Production Saga with the support of grants from Icelands, Lichtenstein and Norway, as a closing event of the World Roma Festival Khamoro 2015.

Accompanied on piano by Ahmad Hedar and Tanita Yankova, Roma opera singers Miro Bartoš and Bohunka Bartošová-Sommerová, who are permanent members of Pilsen Tyl Theatre, performed. Pavlína Matiová, who is currently performing in Hybernia theatre and in Music Theatre Karlín, took the stage as well. Demeter Trio band, that made everyone dance with their lively music, played in the second half of the evening. “The concert was very colorful. Classical music lovers, jazz lovers, Roma music lovers, all had their share. Together we sang the Romani song from Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven in classical arrangement,” says the singer Pavlína Matiová.

The person behind the Black’n’White World project is the Romani songwriter and composer from Serbia Goran Tairović, who introduced himself to the Czech audience in May 2015 at the Khamoro festival together with a nine-member male choir and six-member orchestra. “With this project, I want to interconnect Romani music with the world of Western music and thus bring new values, that could change the perception of the Roma. I think that the connection of traditional music with other genres can help to create a new Romani music language,” explains the idea of the Black’n’White World project Goran Tairović.

During the evening, participants of the year-long project Barvalipe were awarded – this project aimed to educate young Roma in public communication, to familiarize them with communal and state politics, and, first and foremost, to teach them how to represent Romani community.