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The Khamoro festival has just reached its half – today’s highlight is a hiphop concert

The Khamoro festival is in full swing!

Today we are starting at 4 pm at the Zahrádky Žižkov beer garden. If you love your grandparents‘ stories, this is the right choice!
Join us in the world of Roma storytellers! The old Roma will take you through their colourful stories to the life of the Roma in former Czechoslovakia. Their stories will show you the way of life in settlements in Eastern Slovakia or, on the contrary, in South Moravia where the Roma mostly lived together with the mainstream population. They will also tell stories about situations in which the Roma used their spells and magic, and how they used to negotiate marriages. Your guides will be three storytellers – Ladislav Goral, an activist and an actor, Karel Holomek, a dissident and the original Moravian Roma, and Olga Fečová, the founder of the children's choir Čhavorikani Luma and wife of Jožka Fečo, the prominent Roma bandleader.

Only an hour later, there is the opening of Iveta Horáková‘s exhibition Two Personalities in the House of National Minorities. The exhibition of paintings and drawings by Iveta Horváthová is characterised by its very title. The author herself lives in a dual world affected by her disease. Double personality sometimes makes her life difficult, but other times enables her to see the world around in her own unique way. The works of fine art were created in the Ateliér radostné tvorby (Studio of Joyful Creation, A.R.T.) which associates artists creating the fine art called Art Brut. Iveta's works have a unique style consisting in the repetition of themes and use of bright colours as well as in certain lightheartedness.

Tonight’s highlight will be the hiphop concert at 9 pm in Lucena Music Bar. It is the first time in the history of Khamoro! Among the performers will be Vladimír 518, the best known Czech rapper who is also an illustrator, a comics artist, a writer and a distinct personality of the graffiti scene. You can also be looking forward to Roma Sijam from Serbia – these guys have won a TV contest X-factor in their homeland. In addition, artists such as Mike Trafik, Refew, FunkyBrother, UGC and Cincinaty will appear on the stage.

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