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Day three: exhibition opening plus concerts of classical music and gypsy jazz

The week-long marathon of Roma culture continues! First of all, the exhibition Vanished World of Roma will be opened in the Czech Centre Prague.

At 7 pm, you can attend „Black’n‘White World“, a concert of classical music and jazz in the Czech Museum of Music. This is a vocal/instrumental production inspired by traditional Romani music, created by Goran Tairović, a Roma composer hailing from Serbia. At a concert to be held at the Czech Museum of Music, a score of performers will take part. A nine-member male choir will perform together with a six-player orchestra and with five soloists from Serbia and the Czech Republic. Thus the visitors may look forward for instance, to admiring the Romani opera singers Bartos, siblings who perform at the Tyl Theater in Pilsen, and also the songstress Pavlina Matiova. The latter songstress presently performs in the musical Antoinette the Queen of France at Hybernia Theater as well as in the musical Lucia at Karlin Theater, and has also made an appearance in the Venice Nuptials television series.

he evening will be concluded by a gypsy jazz concert in Lucerna Music Bar. You can be looking forward to a real star! Angelo Debarre from France is considered to be the most respected gypsy jazz and gypsy swing guitarist.  Fred Loizeau, the editor of French Guitar Journal, said about Angelo: “His technique is phenomenal and highly distinctive. What you come to spot instantly is how much he is using the little finger of his left hand – in contrast to most guitarists who do not use this finger at all. … He loves to improvise! … He will always spring some surprise on you; he always is “undergoing risks“ but he never fails. … I am not afraid to say that Angelo Debarre is one of the very best gypsy jazz guitar players.“

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