Khamoro begins – join us at the river bank Náplavka!

Festival Khamoro je tady! Přijďte na jedno z nejromantičtějších míst v Praze odstartovat 17. ročník největšího a nejznámějšího romského festivalu na světě!

The Khamoro festival is here!Do come to one of Prague’s most romantic locations, to start off the 17th year of the world’s biggest and best known Roma Festival! At Prague’s Náplavka Levee on Rašín Embankment, you’ll be able to warm up by the well-known Terne Chave Band together with Jan Bendig, to the accompaniment of ripples on the Vltava lapping the riverbanks. Subsequently, you may enjoy the performance of Roma artist Mário Bihári and one of the best known rappers, Vladimir 518. Exclusively for Khamoro, they’ve decided to launch a joint experiment. The outcome of this will be a performance where the rappers’ lyrics will come to grips with Romani feeling.

The ”Young Boys“, as we might best translate the name of this band, rank among the Czech Republic’s most successful Roma music bands. Its members have been through dozens of concert performances all over the world, and their songs also scored in European hit parades. In 2009 they even won the prestigious Angel Musical Award for the best album in the World Music category. Compositions by specific authors as well as typical csardás tunes are part of their repertoire; thanks to the presence of distinctive personalities in the band the latter are played with vigor and unmistakable energy. At the Embankment in Prague they will perform jointly with the singer Jan Bendig, who has advanced to the very finals of the Czecho-Slovak Superstar television contest.

This accordion player, pianist, and singer has made his presence felt primarily by his performances with the KOA Band, with the well-known singer Zuzana Navarová at its head. It was precisely this songstress who toward the end of the 1990s has also discovered her exceptional talent at composing music. Finally, Mário Bihári founded the Bachtale Apsa Band and they had more than 200 concert performances together, both in the home country and abroad. His universal versatility is also attested to by the fact that Mário Bihári embodies the bridging between Romani musical feeling on the one hand and the classical, folk as well as modern electronic music, pop and jazz on the other hand. Presently he performs within the framework of a new project entitled “Mário Bihári and his Friends”, encompassing the classical Romani repertoire as well as authorial compositions. At the Khamoro Festival this team will delve into experimenting with the rapper Vladimir 518 with whom they will present a joint performance in which his best known lyrics will meet with the Romani feeling

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