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Do you know that the Khamoro festival will present one of the most wellknown Czech rapper Vladimir 518? This year´s festival program will offer you two "hiphop events".We have launched the campaign at website through which we try to fund two of Khamoro activities – Street Battle Jam and Hip Hop Concert. For those who decide to support us through we have prepared many interesting prizes!

We are organizing two special acivities for this year of festival Khamoro – Hip Hop Concert and dance competition Street Battle Jam. They both have same idea – to show it doesn’t matter where do we come from or how do we look like, but what matters is how hard we are willing to work on things we want to happen.  They are unique in bringing together Roma and non-Roma, non-professional as well as professional dancers and musicians.

On May 27th in Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar will be – as part of the Khamoro festival – concert staring some of the the best Czech hip hop artists will bring together the professionals and non-professionals to perform separately and together as well. There will also be one foreign guest performing. 

On May 30th in Podnik club dance competition Street Battle Jam will take place. You will be able to enjoy dancers competing in styles as house, popping, locking, new style, break dance, hype… Anyone can enter the competition - we have invited experienced dancers and kids from children’s homes and after-school-activities-clubs also. The battles will be judged by jury of well-known dancers.


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