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The Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová about Khamoro

The most significant international Roma Festival has become an inherent part of the cultural and public life of the Czech Republic. An event that the Roma may be rightfully proud of.

Excellent music from all corners of the world, accompanying debates and educational programmes make the Festival an event going beyond the framework of a standard music festival. The amazing atmosphere that is gradually approaching its climax in rhythms of different genres, the feeling of togetherness, good mood and a simple pure joy turns the galaconcert into an unforgettable experience.

I no longer dance much nowadays, but Khamoro always makes me go down from the gallery to the dance floor. Khamoro is a festival – an extraordinary festival of both the Roma and non-Roma. The Festival itself and everything around it are the best proof that a fruitful co-existence of cultures is feasible, enriching and may be the source of joy and mutual cooperation. I am glad that I live in a town that annually hosts such an amazing cultural event.

Anna Šabatová