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Get ready for 17th anniversary of Khamoro festival! It will take place in Prague and Pilsen throughout the last week of May: 24. – 30. 5. 2015!

We have already started preparing the next year of World Roma Festival Khamoro. Organizers form Slovo 21 and Studio Production Saga are working on very rich – as usual – program for year 2015. 


The festival visitors will enjoy concerts of traditional Roma music, performers’ parade, gypsy jazz concerts, dance workshops, exhibitions etc. Last year we came up with children’s day `Khamororo` and because of its big success we decided to repeat it! Also for people interested in specialized program we are working hard on preparing an international seminar with interesting speakers. And that is not all!

We came up as well with couple surprises that you will enjoy a lot! „We‘re finalizing the program right now, discussing details with Roma bands, but we can already assure festival visitors there is a lot to be looking forward to,“ said Džemil Silajdžić, Khamoro Producer and Art Manager.

Festival Khamoro is the most well-known festival of Roma culture in the world. For the festival there are about 9 000 people coming to prague not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. Until now it has been one of the most noticeable activities of NGO Slovo 21. Many personalities have supported the festival including Václav Havel, Petr Pithart, Libuše Benešová and Ramiro Cibrian.