We are preparing next Khamoro, check out the pictures from this year

The last tones of the Roma anthem Djelem, Djelem that closed the Khamoro gala evening in Sasazu are still hanging in the air, but the organization team is already busy with preparations of the following festival year.

An event of this kind requires almost a year-long preparations and planning. As soon as Khamoro is over and the organizers have rested a bit, it is necessary to start thinking about what is next. 

It is also the time of recapitulation and evaluation of what has worked out perfectly and what needs improvements. We discuss new ideas and most importantly, we select the bands that will play in Prague next year. 

Pictures from this year

We have good news for everyone who wants to relive the concerts of Věra Bílá and Kale or Mahala Rai Banda, the children’s day or the fabulous jazz performance by Angelo Debarre with his band. 

We have picket out the very best of thousands of pictures by our photographers and you can see the selection in our gallery.

The pictures can also work as a little teaser for those who did not make it this year. Hopefully, they will let you feel the atmosphere and tempt you to come next time. 

The all-time high attendance

This year’s attendance was above any expectations. We put it down among others to this year’s great selection of bands. The regulars will certainly testify to the fact that the audience at the closing gala concert was highly above average. Thank you for your support!

We have next Khamoro’s dates

The next year’s Khamoro will take place between 5th of May and 4th of June 2016.