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The world’s largest Roma festival Khamoro is full of musical suprises for this year! The biggest music star of this year’s Khamoro is the Romanian group Fanfare Ciocărlia, one of the most popular Balkan brass bands.

21st year of Khamoro festival will again feature stars of gypsy jazz. This year the gypsy jazz concerts will be held at the popular Prague jazz club JazzDock, which is based on the bank of the Vltava river. Gismo Graf Trio will perform on Monday 27th of May 2019. This band is founded by 25-year-old guitarist Gismo Graf the rising star of German gypsy jazz.

The day after, also at JazzDock, Hot Club d’Europe, featuring famous Roma guitarist Paul Schäfer from the Dutch Sinti community, will perform. Paul Schäfer has previously worked with the currently most famous gypsy jazz musicians. Violinist Tim Kliphuis described Paul’s style as: "A singing tone, terrifyingly accurate technique and superbly balanced solos."

Paul Schäfer is also the winner of the Guitar World Guitar Festival award for "a special contribution to the current development of Gypsy Jazz“. In 2012, he teamed up with Finnish guitarist Olli Soikkeli and together they founded Hot Club d’Europe.

Of course, Khamoro does not forget the Czech Roma bands. At La Fabrika, the traditional Roma music concerts will take place on the 30th and the 31st of May 2019, with a performance of dulcimer band Ivan Herák & Band. Igor Kmet’o & Band, Lače Manuša, and Gypsy Suno will perform at the Khamoro opening party on the 26th of May 2019.

Outstanding violinist Ivan Herák is not only leader of his band, but also concert master of a remarkable orchestra, Romale Camerata, which brings musical delicacies for classical music lovers. Romale Camerata orchestra plays baroque, Jewish, and Roma songs adapted for orchestras and performs in the beautiful area of the Jerusalem Synagogue.

A very traditional Balkan sound will be brought to this year’s festival by the Serbian group NS Begeš. The founder of this band is Zoran Begeš Nikolič – a member of famous Roma bands such as Sar e Roma or Luludji. NS Begeš represents the tradition of Serbian tamburas in the purest form and brings together the best contemporary Serbian musicians playing the tambour. The band has been performing for 7 years now at many events, TV shows and festivals.

The rich russian gypsy music tradition will be represented by band Ehali Cygane. All the musicians and dancers come from the dynasties of Russian Roma artists. Ehali Cygane, together since 2012, has the best Roma musicians from Russia playing traditional Russian Roma songs in a more modern way, but with respect for traditional practices. Of course, the ensemble’s repertoire also includes camp dances, which are typical for the once-traveling Roma.

Also performing at this year’s Khamoro, traditional Hungarian Roma music combined with Spanish Flamengo. The Romengo band, led by singer Monika Lakatos, collaborated with Spanish guitarist Juan De Lerida for several years, and visitors of Khamoro will see a unique combination of two distinctive Eastern and Southern European Roma music traditions.

But this is not the only flamenco that will be shown at Khamoro. 3000... DeSCencias will perform for visitors of the festival during concerts at La Fabrika and the gala concert at SaSaZu. With dance and music this group shows authentic Romany flamenco and their members come directly from Sevilla.

Most of the participating bands will also join when the streets of Prague turn into a huge parade full of music and dance, which is one of the most popular features every year. On Friday, 31st of May at noon, the parade will start from the lower part of Wenceslas Square and continue through the pedestrian zone to Old Town Square.

The festival program also brings a one week Summer School on Roma music, which takes place in cooperation with FHS UK in the form of morning lectures and afternoon practice at the festival. The school will be led by ethno-musicologist Doc. Zuzana Jurková and will be attended by Czech and foreign students.

In addition, a two-day International Music Colloquium led by Doc. Zuzana Jurková and Mgr. Veronika Seidlová on music, minorities and memory takes place at Khamoro. During this two-day meeting different speakers will come, such as the editor of the oldest recordings of Jewish music Robert Lachmann, Dr. Ruth Davis of Cambridge University, Dr. Gila Flam from the National Library of Israel, and the curator of the world’s largest collection of Roma music Christian Fennesz-Juhasz of the Fonogram Archive in Vienna. Furthermore, there will be a representative of the Roma Culture Museum in Brno. The two-day meeting will take place on Wednesday, 29th of May, and Thursday, 30th of May 2019, and is primarily intended for university students.

Moreover, Khamoro Shares Experience is a cultural management training for young Roma interested in learning at the largest Roma cultural festival, both through theoretical lectures and practical involvement, and they will be involved in organising selected Khamoro activities.

From Thursday, 30 May until the end of the festival, Khamoro Kher will take place. During Khamoro Kher around 20 children from orphanages come to Prague to see what a professional Roma cultural festival looks like. The children will not only visit the capital and meet with some of the organizers of the festival and other succesful young Roma role models, but they will be accredited as organizers which gives them backstage access to the perfomers themselves.

Last but not least, this year’s Khamoro festival will host a meeting of the first Czech Roma writers Club, Paramisara, named after the tradition of Roma narrators.

For a summary of all the activities, see PROGRAM.


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