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Jan Michal, Head of European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic - Khamoro 2016

Dear fans of the Khamoro festival,

What you hold in your hands is not an ordinary catalog, but a summary of the best of Roma culture, which is an important part of contemporary European culture and European cultural heritage. The following few colorful pages show 18 years of creativity, talent, experiences, inspiration, cooperation and efforts to show the richness and diversity of Romani culture across Europe. This is also why around 200 artists and academics have come to Prague from at least 11 European countries.

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Petr Dvořák, Director General of Czech Television - Khamoro 2016

Television broadcasting has nearly a century of history. It is a relatively short time; however, it has brought about a fundamental shift in how we perceive culture and the possibilities of our approach to culture. One of the fundamental roles of television, especially one that provides a real service to the public, is to open the space for all artistic genres and disciplines and to expand the active participation in their development. In this context, this is how I see the partnership between Czech Television and the Khamoro festival.

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Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Prague - Khamoro 2016

Dear visitors to the festival of Roma culture Khamoro 2016,

Allow me to welcome you to the 18th year of the festival being held in our capital. Over this time the festival, like other cultural and social events, has already became a firm part of Prague’s cultural calendar. Those who are captivated by Roma music and dance have not missed any of the Khamoro events over the years, and the festival also has its place on television. High attendance and TV ratings are evidence of the interest of both the citizens of Prague and visitors to the capital.

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Jiří Dienstbier, Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation - Khamoro 2016

I am glad that the idea of establishing the World Roma Festival Khamoro was established eighteen years ago right here in Prague. The festival has, during its “growing”, turned into a major international event. It is an excellent and professional parade of Roma culture and is among the leading cultural events in the capital.

The Khamoro has grown up, not only as a festival of music and art but also as an event that promote tolerance and understanding in society. The accompanying seminars, meetings and other events contribute to the knowledge of minority cultures that have lived among us for centuries and yet still we know so little about them. This year we are cooperating with the organizational team of the Khamoro festival on a meeting event of Roma leaders and activists within our project the Activation of the Roma through the National Roma platform. We would then like to contribute to the dialogue between the representatives of the Roma civil society and the Government council for Roma Community Affairs.

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Daniel Herman, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic - Khamoro 2016

Dear friends, and fans of Roma music and culture,

The Khamoro festival is entering its 18th year; eighteen years is in many cultures the age of adulthood and the Khamoro now embodies this maturity and confidence. The variety of production scheduling again offers both traditional and contemporary Roma music concerts, exhibitions, lectures and a generous children’s program. The festival has found its audience and every year the audience experiences its parade of joy, freedom and authentic cultural manifestation.

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