Programme of Khamoro festival 2018

We are touched. Khamoro has been living, breathing and spreading love for twenty years. Every year, we get to meet and enjoy days full of warm words, amazing entertainment, but also unpleasant truths one must face. Although we have always worked hard to make a world-class festival, we never dared to believe there could be such an astonishing development. After twenty years, Khamoro has grown to become a cultural event presenting the Roma culture in all its aspects. 

Sunday 27. 5.

19:00 STŘELECKÝ OSTROV - Khamoro party on Vltava River: Gitana/SK,, Milan Kroka live band /CZ

Monday 28. 5.

18:00 GALERIE ČESKÝCH CENTER - opening of the exhibition Racial diagnosis: Gypsy
20:00 DIVADLO HYBERNIA - All-Star Gypsy Jazz concert: Stochelo Rosenberg/NL, Angelo Debarre/FR, Tchavolo Schmitt/FR & Ludovic Beier/FR

Tuesday 29. 5.

18:00 KINO LUCERNA - film projection: Tititá/HU (English subtitles)
20:00 GALERIE MÁNES - fashion show: Romani Design/HU

Wednesday 30. 5.

10:00 MĚSTSKÁ KNIHOVNA PRAHA - Gavoro: Romani fairytales (only in Czech)
18:00 ZAHRADNÍK GALLERY - opening of the exhibition Macedonian Roma during 1st World War
20:00 ALFRED VE DVOŘE - theatre performance: … And Again We Slept Pindral (English friendly)
21:30 BACKYARD – Gavoro: composed evening Images of Romani life (in Czech language)

Thursday 31. 5.

10:00 INSTITUT CERVANTES - international Roma women conference: Invisible Power
17:30 PALÁC LUCERNA - opening of the exhibition Invisible Power
19:30 LA FABRIKA - traditional Roma music concert: All-Star českých kapel/CZ, EtnoRom & Friends/HU, Alba Heredia Flamenco Company/ESP, Kočani Orkestar/MK

Friday 1. 6.

10:00 INSTITUT CERVANTES - international Roma women conference: Invisible Power
12:00 VÁCLAVSKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ - artists parade in city center
15:00 PARK PORTHEIMKA - children’s day: Khamororo
19:30 LA FABRIKA - traditional Roma music concert: Podkova Schastya/RU, Ciganos d´Ouro/PT, Mahala Rai Banda/RO

Saturday 2. 6.

13:00 SPORTOVNÍ A REKREAČNÍ AREÁL PRAŽAČKA - football tournament: Džas bavinas fotbal
20:00 SASAZU – closing gala concert: All-Star českých kapel/CZ, EtnoRom & Friends/HU, Alba Heredia Flamenco Company/ESP, Ciganos d’Ouro/PT, Podkova Schastya/RU, Kočani Orkestar/MK, Mahala Rai Banda/RO & Romafest/RO

This year's event promises an exceptional program full of musical happenings! The 20th Khamoro Festival will present contemporary and traditional Roma culture during an intensive week full of music, dance, theater and other events from May 27th to June 2nd in Prague.

The program will feature many great names of Roma culture, distinctive and inspiring personalities of international reputation.

Khamoro (meaning "Sun" in Romanes) is the most famous professional Roma festival in the world. It has been organized by Slovo 21 together with SP Saga annually since 1999. Throughout the two decades of its existence, the festival has established itself as an important cultural event, attracting approximately 10 000 visitors from the Czech Republic and from abroad each year. Visitors enjoy dance and fun regardless of age, gender or nationality.

An exceptional program will be presented on the occasion of the festival’s 20th anniversary. The famous All-Star Gypsy Jazz trio will hold a concert on May 28th at the Hybernia Theater. The three greats – Stochelo Rosenberg of the Netherlands, Angelo Debarre and Tchavolo Schmitt of France – last met on-stage more than a decade ago, at Carnegie Hall, New York.


Roma music, which forms an important part of the world's cultural heritage, is at the core of the festival. More than 160 professional Roma bands from 40 countries played at the festival during the nineteen previous years.

Khamoro will be kicked off on Sunday, May 27th, with the Party on the Vltava River. Milan Kroka live band, and Slovak singer Gitana will play on the Střelecký Island. On Thursday, May 31st and Friday, June 1st the La Fabrika Theater will host concerts of traditional Roma music – the Hungarian EtnoRom & Friends group, the Spanish Alba Heredia Flamenco Company, the Macedonian Kočani Orkestar, the Russian Podkova schast'ya, the Portuguese Ciganoś D´Ouro and Mahala Rai Banda from Romania. Domestic Roma music will be represented by the All-Star Band, composed of the best Czech musicians who performed at Khamoro in the previous years.


However, Khamoro is not only about music. On Tuesday, May 29th at Mánes Gallery, a fashion show of the Hungarian Romani Design studio’s designs will offer a unique opportunity to look into the fashion world inspired by Roma culture. On Thursday, May 31st, an exceptional photographic exhibition called “The Invisible Force of Romani Women” will be launched at the Lucerna Palace. A play titled “... and again we slept pindral” will be performed at the Alfréd ve Dvoře theater the same evening.

The festival also promises additional accompanying events such as a two-day international conference on the status of Roma women, events for children from children's homes, the Gavoro Romany Literature, a Children's Day at Portheimka Park, a football tournament and many more. A traditional dance défilé (parade), comprised of around 250 performers, will pass through the center of Prague on Friday, June 1st, starting at noon at the Wenceslas Square. The festival will conclude on Saturday, June 2nd at the SaSaZu Club with performances by the Czech legends of the All-Star Band, six foreign bands and the great Romanian dancers Romafest


As well as in the past years is Khamoro still going though some financial difficulties, so we would like to ask you kindly, for a financial support. We will be glad for every kind your contribution. 

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