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KHAMORO 2020 will zero in on dance and will present new as well as already well-known names

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The grand opening of the festival will take place in Kasárna Karlín on 31 May and it will be followed by abundance of events held in various parts of Prague throughout the week. The festival will, as always, culminate by the gala concert of six bands and a special guest in SaSaZu club on 6 June.

While we still keep to ourselves the details of the programme, we can already disclose that the audience can look forward not only to concerts which this year will be a mix of music and dance performances, but also to a fashion show, a French theatre production, a classical music concert in the Jerusalem Synagogue, children´s programme or the parade held every year which will be extremely colourful this time thanks to almost forty female and male dancers coming from all over the world. And this year too, the audience will have a chance to enjoy gypsy jazz and a surprise at the final gala concert.

An important part of the festival is constituted by special programmes not intended for public, which are not widely covered by media, nevertheless are crucial for the festival. This year we focus on the Roma literature that is great and deserves more attention. That is also why we founded Paramisara, a club of Roma writers, the members of which you will certainly meet at some of the literature-oriented events. The irreplaceable role of literature and language in the development of Roma culture will be discussed by experts from the whole world during a two-day conference. The conference will be sponsored and co-organised by Hristo Kyuchukov, a Roma writer and activist with experience gained at world universities from Sophia to the US.

Apart from the conference, also the 9th international school of Roma culture for university students from all over the world will be held in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities. Another multi-day specialised programme is called Khamoro shares experience. It is a meeting of young Roma cultural assistants who will join the KHAMORO festival team and will learn all that is behind the organisation of a professional cultural event. And, as always, we will think of children from children´s homes who will come to enjoy a few days of the festival and, apart from attending the concerts, will also have their own programme, including a meeting with Roma university students or a Prague sightseeing tour.


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