Khamoro 2019

Although this ten-member ensemble does not fulfill the tradition of Russian bands composed of members of one family across several generations, all the musicians and dancers come from the dynasties of Russian Roma artists. Ehali Cygane, together since 2012, has the best Roma musicians from Russia playing traditional Russian Roma songs in a more modern way, but with respect for traditional practices. Of course, the ensemble’s repertoire also includes camp dances, which are typical for the once-traveling Roma.


Coming from Stuttgart, young and charismatic, Gismo Graf, with his extraordinary music talent, was able to play the guitar at the age of six and began to play for audience at the age of twelve. Gismo is accompanied by his father and mentor Joschi Graf on a rhythm guitar, and no less acclaimed musician Joel Locher on contra bass. The trio refreshes the classic gypsy jazz by combining it with genres such as pop, bossa nova, and swing.

Ten piece chamber orchestra lead by violin virtuozo Ivan Herák will perform in beautiful Jerusalem synagogue. Members of the orchestra are talented students of Prague International Conservatory. In it's repertoir you may find compositions of baroque compositors, jewish compositors but also romani songs adapted for orchestral presentations. You can listen to clasics like Bach's 'concerto for two violin', but also film melodies as John Williams's tune from the movie 'Schindler's list'. Ivan Herák will also present his unique violin style with his cimbali band on Thursday.  

Members of the NS Begeš ensemble are considered to be among some of the best Serbian tambouras and they have gained many supporters during their seven-year existence. Listen to the soothing sound of tambury, a traditional instrument of Serbian folklore.

Paul Schäfer and Olli Soikkeli are desirable solo guitarists whose talent has led them to perform across Europe and the USA. Together they formed Hot Club d’Europe which adheres to the pure and honest gypsy jazz tradition as it is inherited by Paul Schäfer as a descendant of a famous music family. At the same time, they pose a distinctive touch to the compositions by their creative interpretations. This year, Noah Schäfer will join them on the contra bass.

The name of this band from a remote village in a foggy village in northeastern Romania could be translated as the "Song of the Lark“. Thanks to their unrestrained commitment and frantic play there are many punks among the fans of this legendary Balkan group, and every event they find themselves turned into a wild party.

Program největšího světového romského festivalu Khamoro už je na světě a lístky už jsou k dostání. Letos to bude stát za to! Hlavní hudební hvězdou letošního Khamora je dvanáctičlenná rumunská skupina Fanfare Ciocărlia, jedna z nejpopulárnějších a nejvýznamnějších balkánských dechovek.



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Světový romský festival Khamoro 2019
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