Khamoro 2014




Theatre of the Oppressed and the first Gypsy jazz concert

The Monday programme started with two performances of Theatre of the Oppressed prepared in cooperation with Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University. 

 Theatre of the Oppressed is a unique method allowing people in a difficult situation to search for a way out. The audience is presented with the issue through a series of short sketches and then is asked to suggest a solution. 

 The Monday evening was – as every year – dedicated to Gypsy jazz, this time by the young Italian band Dario Pirelli & BinarioSwing. 

 Exhibition opening and more Gypsy jazz

On Tuesday, one of the key events was held in Museum Kampa: opening of the exhibition „A Century of Catastrophes – A Century of Miracles“. The display of glass art by Rudolf Dzurko was introduced by Jana Horváthová, the director of the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno, by Meda Mládková from Museum Kampa and other personalities. The exhibition was moved to Brno on June 22.  

The Tuesday jazz concert of the French family band Sébastien Felix/John Intrator Quartet was held in Jazz Dock, just as the day before. 

Tales of Old Roma and a dance-theatre performance

The Wednesday programme has introduced for the first time the programme „The Tales of Old Roma: On past and present differently“. Set in a replica of a traditional Romani tent at the Prague Peace Square, this was a unique opportunity to listen to the memories of the life of Roma decades ago. Andrej Giňa, Olina Fečová and Ladislav Goral talked about their childhood in Slovakia, their arrival to Bohemia and about changes within the traditional society. In the afternoon, there was a remembrance event for the late writer Emil Cína, called „Rainbow Bridge to Heaven“. Cína’s books were read and many remembered his irreplaceable role in spread of Romani language. 

In the evening, there was an incredible dance-theatre performance „Memories of Old Tzigan“ by the Romano Atmo dance company of Pétia Iourtchenko.

Thursday and traditional Roma music 

Thursday was indeed a very busy day. There were open-air dance workshops in the very city centre of Prague. The passers-by could learn traditional Romani dances and street dance by the best ones – the Dance The Yard company and Pétia Iourtchenko’s Romano Atmo dance company. The programme „The Tales of Old Roma: On past and present differently“ was introduced this time at Prague 8. 

Yet another exhibition was launched – a series of photographs by the Serbian Srdjan Stanojevic. He captured the musicians who played at Khamoro in the previous years immediately after their performances, hence the exhibition title „A Minute After“. 

At 7 pm, the gates of the Roxy Music club opened for a concert of the best Romani artists from the whole world. The Czech Republic was represented by the band Cimbálová muzika Ivana Gašpara Hriska; the band Vojasa that combines rock and traditional Wallachian melodies came from Hungary. The Serbian band Kal playing „rock’n’roma“ style performed too. The evening was closed off by a hypnotizing performance of Pétia Iourtchenko and Romano Atmo dance company. 

Artists’ parade in the city centre and the children’s day

Friday noon was dedicated to the artists’ parade. A colourful crowd of dancers and musicians always attracts attention of thousands of people in the city centre. A successful novelty of Khamoro 2015 was the children’s day Khamororo organized in the Habrovka garden. A rich programme composed of children performances, dance workshops, body painting, medieval village activities, model-making out of balloons etc. was very successful among Romani and non-Romani parents alike.  

In the evening, we returned to the ROXY club where Romani music from more countries was presented. From Romania, a traditional brass band Fanfara Transilvania arrived, Macedonia was represented by Svarta Safirer, and flamenco was performed by Puerto Flamenco from Spain.

The grand finale: a live installation and a gala concert 

On Saturday, a huge replica of a camera was built live on Republic Square within a performance „Khamoro Obscuro“ by the Serbian Romani artist Zoran Tairović. 

The gala concert in SaSaZu presented all the 7 traditional Romani music bands that performed on Thursday and Friday. The stage design was this time executed directly on stage in between the performances by the brothers-artists Zoran and Goran Tairović. 

The expert programme

The Khamoro festival would not fulfil its goals if it lacked the expert programme that every year brings together specialists from the Czech Republic and abroad. This year, together with OSCE we organized a full-day expert seminar on the topic of „Equal chances for quality education of Romani children in the Czech Republic“. 

 This seminar reacted on the findings of the European Court for Human Rights from 2007 that observed the insufficiency of governmental measures against segregation of the Roma in education, resulting in large portion of Romani children still separated from the majority in the so-called special schools. 

The aim of the seminar was to evaluate the implementation of previously made recommendations to the government, especially those for the nation-wide level. The seminar was launched by Jiří Dienstbier, the Minister of Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation, by Jindřich Fryč from the Ministry of Education, and by Mirjam Karoly, a senior OSCE advisor for the matters of Roma and Sinti. It was attended by representatives of civil society, state administration, education experts, Romani parents and representatives of international organizations dealing with equality in education.


Pondělí 26. 5. 2014

20:00 Náplavka – Khamoro party na Vltavě: Devles/CZ, Cindži Renta/CZ

14:00 Radniční klub Staroměstské radnice – tisková konference19:00 Rock Café – komponovaný večer Divadla utlačovaných „Modrá je dobrá“ a „Americký sen“

21:00 Jazz Dock – koncert gypsy jazzu: Dario Pinelli & BinarioSwing/IT

Úterý 27. 5. 2014

18:00 Museum Kampa – vernisáž výstavy „Století pohrom – století zázraků“: Rudolf Dzurko/CZ

21:00 Jazz Dock – koncert gypsy jazzu: Sébastien Felix/John Intrator Quartet/FR

Středa 28. 5. 2014

17:00 náměstí Míru – „O minulosti a současnosti jinak“: Vyprávění starých Romů

17:30 České centrum Praha – „Duhový most do nebe“: Pocta romskému spisovateli Emilu Cinovi/CZ

19:30 Divadlo Bez zábradlí – tanečně-divadelní představení „Vzpomínky starého Cigána“: pétia Iourtchenko and Romano Atmo dance company/FR/RU

Čtvrtek 29. 5. 2014

9:00 Hrzánský palác – mezinárodní seminář „Rovný přístup ke kvalitnímu vzdělávání pro romské děti v České republice“

14:00 Na příkopě - taneční workshopy: street dance, tradiční romský tanec

17:00 Lyčkovo náměstí – „O minulosti a současnosti jinak“: Vyprávění starých Romů

18:00 Evropský dům – vernisáž výstavy „Minuta poté“: Srdjan Stanojević/SRB

19:00 ROXY – koncert tradiční romské hudby: Cimbálová muzika Ivana Gašpara Hriska/CZ, Vojasa/HU, Kal/SRB, Pétia Iourtchenko and Romano Atmo dance company

Pátek 30. 5. 2014

12:00 Václavské náměstí – defilé účinkujících v centru Prahy

15:00 Habrovka – dětský den „Khamororo“

17:00 Rajská zahrada – „O minulosti a současnosti jinak“: Vyprávění starých Romů

19:00 ROXY – koncert tradiční romské hudby: Fanfara Transilvania/RO, Svarta Safirer/SE/MK, Puerto Flamenco/ES

Sobota 31. 5. 2014 

13:00 náměstí Republiky – živá instalace „Khamoro Obscuro“: Zoran Tairović/SRB 

20:00 SaSaZu – závěrečný galakoncert: Cimbálová muzika Ivana Gašpara Hriska/CZ, Vojasa/HU, Kal/SRB, Fanfara Transilvania/RO, Svarta Safirer/SE/MK, Puerto Flamenco/ES, Pétia Iourtchenko and Romano Atmo dance company 

Po celou dobu festivalu se konala „Mezinárodní letní škola Hudba Romů“, kterou pořádalo Slovo 21 ve spolupráci s FHS UK/CZ a University of Pittsburgh/USA. Od 28. 5. do 31. 5. také probíhalo mezinárodní setkání mladých Romů a ne-Romů z České Republiky a Německa „Romská Generace: Od pronásledovaného národa k evropským občanům 2.0“.


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