About the organizers

Slovo 21

Slovo 21 is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization that launched its activities in Prague in 1999. The organization was founded mostly in relation to the World Roma Festival Khamoro which is until nowadays the most known project of Slovo 21. But it is by far not the only activity of Slovo 21 focused on betterment of the position of Roma within the Czech society and its coexistence with the majority. Slovo 21 has for a long time been involved in many Romani projects from the fields of education and employment of Roma and strengthening of Romani identity. The Slovo 21 team has naturally formed as multicultural, including Czechs, Roma as well as foreigners from different parts of the world; thus, the organization is involved also in programmes for integration of foreigners. The most known one has since 2004 been the Family Next Door project – a platform for informal personal encounters of Czech and foreign families. In this field, we are engaged also in multicultural education and raising of public awareness as well as in publication activities including our information bulletin aiming at making lives of foreigners in the Czech Republic easier. 

Our main goal is the improvement of coexistence of different groups in the Czech Republic. For this purpose, we fight against racism and xenophobia, we are engaged in human rights protection and development, we help to build a multicultural society and improve media image of minorities. 

Studio Production Saga

Studio Production Saga was established in Prague in 1992 by the producer Jelena Silajdžić and the musician Džemil Silajdžić. Saga implements and supports cultural projects aiming at cooperation of the cities of Prague and Sarajevo. The main goal is the spread of cultural wealth between the two cities, endorsement of multiculturality, and organization of cultural exchange in the fields of music, theatre, dance, film and literature.