Prague will soon host the 19th annual KHAMORO World Roma Festival, which has made a name for itself among all of the well-attended festivals in Prague. KHAMORO (“Sun” in Romanes) brings contemporary and traditional Romani music here annually, including top Gypsy jazz players, many workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, theater performances, a défilé (parade) by performers through the center of Prague, and many other special treats. In addition to groups from seven countries around the world, during the course of the festival 20 amateur and professional ensembles from the Czech Republic will perform as well. The festival will take place from 28 May – 3 June 2017.

Young Roma guitarist from Verdun (France) Nitcho Reinhardt is very often called “a whiz kid of gypsy jazz”. With his first band, in which he was accompanied by his two brothers, in 2007 he recorded an album called “Latcho Dives” (“Good Day” in Romany language) which was very well received by the public.