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Members of the Romany community sang and danced their way through the city center - Prague Post (29. 5. 2015)

It was led by a horse-drawn carriage, followed by people carrying the international Roma flag, with a red wheel on a blue-and-green background, and people with flags of several countries that have large Romany populations. People in the parade varied in age, with many children in colorful costumes dancing as the procession progressed. Musicians had horns, drums, violins and even a large stand-up bass. The festival, now in its 17th year, is aimed at facilitating understanding for the Romany people and fighting a long history of xenophobia. Khamoro is one of the most widely-known Romany celebrations and is meant to be a positive exchange of understanding and knowledge for the people and their culture.

It is also listed among the top cultural events in Prague and continues to draw a large international crowd to its concerts, exhibitions and other events. The festival officially ends May 30 with a closing gala concert set to take place at SaSaZu in Prague. Khamoro means “sun” in the Romany language.

Written by Scout Inman

Zdroj: http://www.praguepost.com/142-culture/48030-khamoro-festival-stages-annual-parade#ixzz3m4v6GyLU





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