Khamoro World Romany Festival starts in Prague - Prague Daily Monitor (25. 5. 2015)

Khamoro World Romany Festival starts in Prague

ČTK | 25 MAY 2015

Prague, May 24 (CTK) - The 17th Khamoro World Romany Festival, an annual event hosted by Prague, started with a series of open-air concerts on the Vltava River bank in the centre of the Czech capital city yesterday.
The performance of not only Romany artists is being watched by hundreds of people, including both Romanies and members of the majority population. Many families with small children are among the viewers.

The Khamoro event will run through May 30. Its programme includes the annual festival parade.
The festival will also take place in Plzen, west Bohemia, for the second time, as one of the events linked to Plzen's title of the European Capital of Culture 2015.
In Plzen, the festival will run from May 26 to May 28.