The Khamoro World Roma Festival, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world, has had a rich history since its founding by Slovo 21, z.s. in 1999. It presents Roma culture and professional Roma music to the general public (from the Czech Republic and abroad) in all its dimensions and forms and proves that Roma culture and music is a fully-fledged part of Czech and world cultural heritage.

Its transnational importance is evidenced by the award of the prestigious European brand for arts festivals - EFFE Label (Europe's quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals) for 2019 - 2021, which guarantees its high artistic and professional quality and value.

The Khamoro festival has helped and continues to help document and preserve information and material on Roma music and culture over the past 21 years. No one in the world has that much collected material relating to Roma culture and music.

Over the duration of the festival, a huge amount of material and output has been produced. So far, however, this artistic documentation has not been professionally archived, which may have compromised the lifespan of these outputs.

But now, in cooperation with the Archive of the City of Prague, we have managed to create a professional archive that will ensure the preservation of all existing materials and that will be available to the public!

The documentation was taken over by the responsible staff of the Archives of Prague, organized and stored on its premises in accordance with the created aid for later easy tracing of documentation.

What can you find in the archive? Photographs, video recordings (music recordings from concerts, performance recordings, interviews with participants, etc.), prints (brochures, choirboys, etc.), promotional materials and other media outputs (e.g. Czech Television documents about the festival) from the different editions of the festival. The archive will be continuously supplemented with new material from the upcoming editions of the festival.

The paper dossier has been digitised where possible and by agreement with the originator. All electronic documentation - digitised paper documentation, photodocumentation, audio and video recordings and recordings, websites have been converted into appropriate output formats allowing for long-term archiving. Damaged materials have been repaired by restorers as far as possible by the AHMP. The storage of all documentation in archive space was also preceded by a "cleansing" of it in a so-called "gas chamber" to prevent its later wear and destruction from infestation by bacteria and fungi. Subsequently, the materials have been stored – digitised materials in a digital repository and paper documentation in a print archive, thus ensuring optimal conditions for the long-term preservation of the documentation (drought, darkness, optimal temperature, etc.).

How can the archive be consulted? The Khamoro Festival archive is now listed under the registration number NAD 3384 and is traceable, for example, through the nationwide archive funds register: (tab "Browse and search", enter NAD number). To see how to borrow documents, if applicable, visit: Documentation will be available to interested parties by approval of owner-organization Slovo 21, z.s. This will allow those interested to borrow the necessary materials for study. The arrangements for consulting archives are laid down in Paragraph 37 AZ.

The aim of archiving was to ensure the preservation of artistic documentation for future generations, not only of the Khamoro Festival but also of Roma music and culture as such.

This valuable documentation material is an important source of information and study material for pedagogical work, the professional public and other users and candidates.

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