Dear friends, and fans of Roma music and culture,

The Khamoro festival is entering its 18th year; eighteen years is in many cultures the age of adulthood and the Khamoro now embodies this maturity and confidence. The variety of production scheduling again offers both traditional and contemporary Roma music concerts, exhibitions, lectures and a generous children’s program. The festival has found its audience and every year the audience experiences its parade of joy, freedom and authentic cultural manifestation.

Still, this year is exceptional for something other than just reaching the symbolic year of the event. This year the festival plays out in the changing social context of the migration wave and the festival’s message of openness and mutual cultural enrichment is going to be shared in a much more exacerbated and susceptible atmosphere than in previous years. Roma songs often tell the story of the wandering woes. Let’s listen to them with special care.

I wish all the organizers, performers and visitors lots of fun, joy and also sensibility of the heart. I am honored to assume the patronage of the World Roma Festival Khamoro.

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