Menil /SPAIN/

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The members of the Menil Gypsy Jazz quartet are great musicians with a diverse musical history. The most famous is the band leader Javier Sanchez, the lead guitarist; however, the other members - Fred PG (rhythm guitar), Gerardo Ramos (bass) and Raúl Marquez (violin)  don't live in his shadow.


The Rosenberg Trio /NETHERLANDS/

rosenberg trio titulni webThe famous Gypsy Jazz musicians, The Rosenberg Trio from the Netherlands are returning after great success to the Khamoro. The band is inspired by the musical style of the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt and is made up of three cousins: guitarists Stochelo and Nous’che Rosenberg and bassist Nonnie Rosenberg.







The Zuralia Orchestra /ROMANIA/

zuralia titulni webThe music of the Zuralia Orchestra mixes the sounds of the accordion, the clarinet, the darbuka and other drums, trumpet and vocals. Under the direction of Aurel Mirea, a new musical genre combining Romani folk music with jazz, Latin music, Oriental music, and reggae, all in a modern arrangement. Even though the band is relatively new, it has already managed to perform at several leading European festivals, opening for Goran Bregović, the most famous Balkan composer and musician alive today, and were one of the finalists at the international Eurovision competition. We can guarantee you the the Zuralia Orchestra’s music will force you to dance.







Tekameli /FRANCE/

tekameli titulni webIn Calo, the ancient language of the Roma from Spain, Tekameli means “I love you” and the members of the band pass on this message. Jean Soler, Salomon Espinas and Julio Bermudez started the band in 1992. Songs about a love for life, family and God will be played to the rhythms of Gypsy Rumba and Flamenco. Although the group has been inspired by the world-famous Gypsy Kings, they distinguish themselves by adhering to the authenticity of Roma music.





Gipsy Casual /ROMANIA/

Gipsy Casual titulni webGipsy Casual brings traditional Roma music spiced with electronic sounds and electrifying club beats. Their modern administration and energy will draw you in.









The Gypsy Ensemble Giani Lincan /NETHERLANDS/

lincan webGiani Lincan is one of the most famous cimbalom players in the Netherlands, and, accompanied by an accordion, violin and double bass, he will please all lovers of cimbalom music. You can look forward to not only lyrical classics but also to Romanian and Hungarian folk music. 







Kocani Orkestar /MACEDONIA/


This band, founded by trumpeter Naat Veliov, is one of the most original Balkan brass bands, and it is no wonder that it performs worldwide. Their music comes from Roma melodies from various parts of the Balkans. In addition to the classical brass repertoire you can also hear Funk, Latin and Jazz. Their temperament and the power of their music affect absolutely everyone.






Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar /GERMANY/

schantel titulni webGerman musician Shantel and his eight-member band Bucovina Club Orkestar will make you dance with their emotional mix of electronic and Balkan music.









Russka Roma /RUSSIA/

russka roma titulni webMusic, dance, fortune telling, a fiery temperament, nomadic life… This all used to be part of the traditional lifestyle of the Russian Roma. Much of this can also be found in the band Russka Roma. This band became famous not only at home but also touring worldwide. During a grand tour of the United States they played 376 concerts. They have performed with stars such as Joe Crocker and the Bee Gees and have also recorded several duets with artists such as Viktor Čajka, Dmitrij Malikov, Vladimir Markin, and many more.





Milan Kroka live band /CZECH REPUBLIC/

krokaMilan Kroka is one of the most popular Roma musicians these days. He is a great singer, guitarist and keyboard player. His musical style blends traditional Roma folklore with Pop, Latin, World music and Rumba.









BengasThe band Bengas is one of the most successful Roma bands in the Czech Republic. They have performed not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics but also throughout Europe and the USA. In 2004 they were the opener for the famous Gypsy Kings in the T-Mobile Arena in Prague. Their repertoire includes czardases, Balkan Folklore, and Romanian songs from Russia and Hungary as well as Arabic and Spanish rhythms.






Maroš Bango /SLOVAKIA/

skupina Maros BangoIf you like the arias of operas and operettas as well as Hungarian, Romani and Russian songs, then this artist from Slovakia is the right choice for you. The charismatic performer Maroš Bango is visually impaired but nonetheless plays four musical instruments brilliantly, accompanying himself as he sings. Many of you might remember him from the 2010 Eurosong Contest, where he participated in the final round. He will appear on the Náplavka in Prague with the cimbalom (hammered dulcimer) music of Ladislav Rig’s Fantasy Orchestra. 






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