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Khamoro Praha 2017:            Program                Performers                Other events

Khamoro 2017


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Thank you for joining us at the Khamoro festival 2017!

The World Roma Festival Khamoro 2017 was successful! Yes, that`s true!. Not only thanks to the great Czech and foreign guests and the skillful organizational team, but also thanks to you, our visitors! Without you, the festival could not exist. So, big thanks to all of you who have come or supported us in a different way!

It's been more than a week since we finished the 19th annual together with the Gypsy anthem in the Prague club Sasazu. If you want to see or remind yourself of the atmosphere of the final galaconcert as well as other events, you can view the photogallery on our facebook profile:

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Staying in Prague and haven`t visited the Khamoro festival yet? Check out what you can`t miss.

THURSDAY 1. 6. 2017

19:00 České centrum Praha – Opening of the Kai Dikhas Gallery exhibition/DE: Akate te beshen

19:00 Palác Akropolis – Traditional Roma music concert: Cimbálová kapela Viliama Didiáše/CZ-SK , Fuego y Fragua/ESP, Parno Graszt/HU, Siniša Stanković Orchestra/SRB

FRIDAY 2. 6. 2017

10:00 Clam-Gallasův palác – International Conference on Inclusive Education

12:00 Václavské náměstí – Artists‘ parade in the city center

15:00 České centrum – RomArchive presentation

15:00 park Portheimka – Children’s day: Khamororo

17:00 Jeruzalémská synagoga – Concert of classical music with Roma motifs/CZ-DE and opening of Mark Wiedorn’s exhibition: Gypsy Soul/USA-CZ

19:00 Palác Akropolis – Traditional Roma music concert: Esma’s Band/MK, Taraf de Haïdouks/RO, Greg Demeter’s Moscow Gypsies/RU

SATURDAY 3. 6. 2017

10:00 Clam-Gallasův palác – International Conference on Inclusive Education

12:15 Sportovní a rekreační areál Pražačka – Football tournament: Džas bavinas fotbal

20:00 SaSaZu – Closing gala concert: Cimbálová kapela Viliama Didiáše/CZ-SK, Fuego y Fragua/ESP, Parno Graszt/HU, Siniša Stanković Orchestra/SRB, Esma’s Band/MK, Taraf de Haïdouks/RO, Greg Demeter’s Moscow Gypsies/RU


More information about the performers - music bandsMore information about the other events.

Locations - how to get there


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Program of the Khamoro festival on Wednesday 31. 5.


10:00 KC Novodvorská – Gavoro - lecture and performance: Čirikloro, or What Does the Birdie Say?

16:00 Městská knihovna v Praze – Gavoro - Slovak Roma literature

19:30 Rock Café – Theatre performance: Kamav aver muršes/SK

Program of the whole festival:

Locations and how to get there.

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Tuesday 30. 5. in Jazz Dock music club: Gypsy jazz Nitcho Reinhardt trio

Nitcho Trio small

The young Roma guitarist from Verdun (France), Nitcho Reinhardt, is very often called “the whiz kid of Gypsy Jazz”.  He has found himself some new band members (guitarist François Gozlan and double bass player Thierry Chanteloup) and started working on his guitar skills even harder, an effort that is paying off in the rapidly growing number of invitations he receives for different gigs around Europe.

On Tuesday 30. 5., Jazz Dock, 21:00

Tickets at presale CZK 280 / on the spot CZK 330

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Khamoro will start with open air concert on Střelecký ostrov this Sunday at 19:00

The traditional open-air party on the banks of the Vltava River will open seven days full of Romani culture. Jan Bendig‘s unmistakable voice will sing traditional Roma songs in modern arrangements together with guest performers Markéta Konvičková, Monika Bagárová and Elis. They will get the audience in a festive mood, which DJ Gadjo.CZ will support with his “music with soul and genre cheekiness“, drawing on music from all over the world!

- Free entry


Jan Bendig patří mezi nejznámější a nejpopulárnější romské zpěváky v ČR. Na svém kontě má řadu hitů jako je Me Tut Užarav, Roma boy, Bloudím v duetu s Markétou Konvičkovou nebo Stejný cíl mám s Ewou Farnou a další. Hojně koncertuje jak v Česku, tak v zahraničí. Svým koncertem otevře letošní devatenáctý ročník Světového romského festivalu Khamoro. 

Jeho hosty na Khamoru budou populární české zpěvačky Markéta Konvičková, Monika Bagárová a Elis. Doprovázet je bude Josef Fečo Band.

Jan Bendig is one of the most famous and most popular Romani singers in the Czech Republic. He has many hits to his name, such as “Me Tut Užarav”, “Roma Boy”, “Bloudím” (a duet with Markéta Konvičková) and “Stejný cíl mám”, recorded with Ewa Farná and others. He has given many concerts abroad and in the Czech Republic. His performance will open this 19th annual World Roma Festival Khamoro. 

His guest performers at KHAMORO will be the popular Czech singers Markéta Konvičková, Monika Bagárová and Elis. He will be accompanied by the Josef Fečo Band.


Veselé a divoké noci s atmosférou balkánské svatby, střeleného karnevalu v Riu nebo narozeninové oslavy milované Fridy Kahlo. Tančírna plná divokého world n bassu, chytlavého gypsy latino jazzu, old school rock n rollového tetování nebo teď módního electroswingu. Tím vším je večer nedbale elegantního djského projektu

A rocking and wild night with the atmosphere of a Balkan wedding, shot through with hints of Carneval in Rio or a birthday celebration for the much-loved Frida Kahlo. A dancing hall full of wild world-n-bass, catchy Gypsy Latin jazz,old school rock-n-roll tattoos and the currently fashionable electroswing genre. All of this makes for an evening with the casually elegant DJ project 

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International conference: Quality education for everyone

The international conference about inclusive education, “Quality education for everyone” takes place on Friday and Saturday 2nd  – 3rd  of June 2017 at the Clam – Gallas Palace as part of the World Roma festival Khamoro 2017 which is being organized by an NGO Slovo 21, Studio Production Saga company. The international conference will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the European Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, Věra Jourová.

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The 19th annual KHAMORO World Roma Festival offers the best of Romani culture, organized by Slovo 21, z. s. and Studio Production Saga, s. r. o.

Top world acts of traditional Romani music, celebrated artists, recognized experts and many significant figures, both Non-Roma and Roma, will visit the biggest, most famous Romani festival in the world – KHAMORO in Prague from 28 May3 June 2017. Auspices have been given to the festival by Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman and Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová.

Visitors to the festival will be able to familiarize themselves with Romani arts and culture and much more! They will be able to attend an international conference about inclusive education. Another component of the festival are its side events such as a children’s day, a review of Romanes-language literature and Romani authors, a football tournament, and much more. 

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Music bands at Khamoro festival 2017

Prague will soon host the 19th annual KHAMORO World Roma Festival, which has made a name for itself among all of the well-attended festivals in Prague. KHAMORO (“Sun” in Romanes) brings contemporary and traditional Romani music here annually, including top Gypsy jazz players, many workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, theater performances, a défilé (parade) by performers through the center of Prague, and many other special treats. In addition to groups from seven countries around the world, during the course of the festival 20 amateur and professional ensembles from the Czech Republic will perform as well. The festival will take place from 28 May – 3 June 2017.