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Světový romský festival Khamoro - Program of Khamoro - THURSDAY 2. 6. 2016
May 2

10:00 PIAZZETTA NÁRODNÍHO DIVADLA - interactive open-air 3D graphics creation

17:00 SLOVENSKÝ DOM – opening of the Matěj Holub exhibition: “…A možná přijede na koze” with a concert by the Bench Band

19:00 PALÁC AKROPOLIS - traditional Roma music concert: Bengas/CZ, Zuralia Orchestra/RO, Tekameli/FR



The concept of “street art” covers all types of creative work that arise in a public space, which is why it is free to go beyond the framework of traditional art forms. In the case of the 3D graphics that are being specially prepared for the Khamoro Festival, these will be art that is created in the street and then installed there. 

The special technique of 3D drawings on asphalt, concrete, or other flat surfaces takes advantage of the phenomenon of optical illusion. It is only possible to see the third dimensaion of these images from a certain point – only from one side and from a certain perspective. What is sad (but also unusual) about these 3D graphics is that they will disappear with the first rain. Fortunately, however, they will last forever in photographs.

Three Bosnian artists -  Mersiha Džafić, Kemal Konaković  and Adis Zorlak – will present their creation of 3D graphics in Prague. They have dedicated themselves to this technique for five years. In Sarajevo they have been holding a Street Art Festival since 2012 that is annually visited by more than 100 000 people where artists from all over the world present their works. The aim of this prestigious event is to support young students from arts schools and to introduce their work to the broader public.     

In Prague those interested in the method of creating 3D graphics will be able not just to examine this method in progress, but also to attempt it themselves.


Piazzeta Národního divadla /2. 6. 2016/


… AND MAYBE HE WILL COME ON A GOAT / EXHIBITION OF THE WORK OF WOODCARVER MATĚJ HOLUB with musical accompaniment by the Prague music group Bench Band

From 2 June – 21 June 2016 the exhibition …A možná přijede na koze (… And Maybe He Will Come on a Goat) will run as part of the Khamoro World Romani Festival in Prague, presenting the decorative toys, freestyle creations and wooden statues of the Romani woodcarver Matěj (Martin) Holub of Kolín. His artistic oeuvre covers a broad spectrum of forms in which he applies his imagination, inventiveness and sense of humor.

Not just children, but anybody who has a playful soul will find something of interest at this exhibition, especially those who like the element of wood and enjoy being inspired by nature. Almost all of the pieces exhibited can be moved, played with and touched by the visitors, who will be able to enter a world of colorful little animals, to drive little cars along an urban racetrack, or to swing on any number of weird and wonderful swings… 

The opening will take place on Thursday, 2 June at 17:00. On Friday, 3 June, as part of the Children’s Day at the Portheimka Park, Holub will unveil an original wooden carousel and prepare an arts workshop for children. 

Martin Holub (born 1975) is a graduate of the Industrial Arts Secondary School in Prague (Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola v Praze) in the field of woodcarving and wood shaping. This is his first larger independent exhibition, which was first available for viewing from September 2015 to February 2016 at the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno, Czech Republic, which also published a 40-page color catalog to accompany it. At the same time a documentary film was made about Holub (directed by  Anna Babjárová, 18 min.). The curator of this exhibition is Jana Habrovcová. It was designed by Radka Vyplašilová with graphic design by Martin Poláček.


Slovenský dom in Prague /2. 6.  – 21. 6. 2016/

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri 10:00 – 16:00


BENGAS / Czech Republic

The Prague band BENGAS came together in the autumn of 2001 and succeeded in taking off like a rocket. By 2004 they enjoyed an enormous success when they became the opening band for the Gipsy Kings during their concert at Prague’s T-mobile Arena. They have also performed at all of the leading festivals not just in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Europe and the USA. You can hear Balkan folk music, czardas, the rhythms of Arabia and Spain and the songs of Romani people from Hungary, Russia and Slovakia in their interpretations. “We sing about what we have experienced. Our music brings the people who come to our concerts, both non-Roma and Roma,” says Milan Horváth of BENGAS. The band has released two albums, “Dža/Jdi” (Go) and “Amen Phiras/My jdeme” (We Are Going), after which they took a break for a few years. Today, of course, they are performing to their full strength and you definitely do not want to miss their performance at the Khamoro Festival this year.


Palác Akropolis /2. 6. 2016/



The music of the Zuralia Orchestra mixes the sounds of the accordion, the clarinet, the darbuka and other drums, guitars, trumpet, violins and vocals. Under the direction of Aurel Mirea, a new musical genre combining Romani folk music with jazz, Latin music, Oriental music, and reggae, all in a modern arrangement. Even though the band is relatively new, it has already managed to perform at several leading European festivals, opening for Goran Bregović, the most famous Balkan composer and musician alive today, and representing Romania at the international Eurovision competition. Audiences were able to see the Zuralia Orchestra at the Khamoro Festival in 2013 and this year they are returning after that great success. “We consider Khamoro one of the most energetic, monumental festivals there is. We are glad to return again because the people here are brilliant and we feel at home here,” says Aurel Mirea. We can guarantee you the the Zuralia Orchestra’s music will force you to dance.  


Palác Akropolis /2. 6. 2016/


TEKAMELI / Francie

“In Caló, the ancient language of Roma from Spain, the phrase tekameli means I like you, I love you, I want you,” says Jean Soler, the guitaris and sincer, “That is the message we want to send.” Jean Soler, Salomon Espinas and Julio Bermudez established the band in 1992 and over time added other musicians until it settled on a five-member configuration. Both their fast songs and their moving ballads about love for one’s family, God, and life itself resound with the rhythms of flamenco and Rumba Gitana. While the band is inspired by the world-famous Gipsy Kings, they differ from their role models in that they stick to authentic Romani music.


Palác Akropolis /2. 6. 2016/



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