May 2

14:00 NA PŘÍKOPĚ - open-air art performance of Emílie Rigová/SK: On a carpet

17:00 CZECH CENTER PRAGUE – film projection Taikon/SE

19:00 VILA ŠTVANICE – tribute to Milena Hubschmannova

21:00 LUCERNA MUSIC BAR - Gypsy Jazz concert: The Rosenberg Trio/NL



In collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, we are presenting the Czech premiere of the film “Taikon”. This documentary tells the story of Katarina Taikon, a Romani activist and author who spent her life trying to improve the position of Romani people in Sweden. She began her big struggle for the equal rights of Romani people in 1960. When regularly sending manifestos to the main media outlets and organizing demonstrations didn’t bring about the changes she was demanding fast enough, she decided on a new form of struggle and began to write children’s books. Her first publication, Katitzi, was released in 1969 and was an instant success. She wrote a total of 13 autobiographical books that came out between 1969 and 1981. Her little books about the brave, indomitable character of Katitzi won the hearts of readers both in Sweden and abroad. Some have also been translated into the Czech language.

After the film is screened there will be a debate about the current position of Romani people in the Czech Republic and Sweden. 


Czech Center Prague /1. 6. 2016/ 



Emília Rigová, a young Romani artist from Slovakia, is preparing an alternative performance piece using a specially designed carpet with Romani motifs that demonstrates every human being’s need and right to have a piece of the world where he or she can feel safe.


Na Příkopě /1. 6. 2016/


THE ROSENBERG TRIO / The Netherlands

The Rosenberg Trio of The Netherlands is the best Gypsy Jazz band in the world. Guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg and his cousins, guitarist Nous'che and doublebassist Nonnie, have created a unique trio. All three artists have dedicated themselves to music since early childhood and had brilliant role models among the musicians of their own families. The band’s repertoire includes not just their own interpretations of classic jazz standards, but also compositions by Django Reinhardt and Stochelo’s own pieces. The Rosenberg Trio are currently synonymous with Gypsy Jazz and their performance is a guarantee of an unforgettable musical experience!


Lucerna Music Bar /1. 6. 2016/


We are also paying our respects (paťiv) to the Romani studies scholar  Milena Hübschmannová

A production of Čirikloro aneb co říká ptáček (“Chiriklo or what the little bird says”) will be dedicated to her memory by the ARA ART group.

The founder of Romani studies in the Czech Republic, Milena Hübschmannová dedicated her professional life to collecting Romani fairy tales, among other things. Besides making a fundamental contribution to raising awareness of Romani folk poetry, which she recorded in her book Romani Fairy Tales (Romské pohádky) she also presented the differences between the concepts of fairy tales in Czech and Romani culture to the broader, majority society. However, it is less known that she wrote one “fairy tale” of her own. 

This small dramatic sketch has never before been performed. Čirikloro aneb co říká ptáček (“Chiriklo or what the little bird says”) brings us closer to Romani cultural traditions, to the poetry and wisdom of Romani elders, and reflects on what truth itself actually is. What can we believe? Is there only one truth, or do we each have our own? To what degree does truth depend on one’s perspective?

Milena Hübschmannová (1933-2005)

  • Ms Hübschmannová founded the discipline of Romani Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • She mastered many foreign languages:  Besides English and German she spoke fluent Bengali, Hindi, Romani and Urdu.
  • She was actively interested in Romani people from an early age. From 1969 – 1973 she was the chair of the Social Science Commission of the Union of Gypsies-Roma, and from 1994 she was Editor-in-Chief of the Romano Džaniben journal of Romani Studies.
  • In 2002 she was awarded a third-degree Medal of Merit, a state honor.


Vila Štvanice /1. 6. 2016/ 



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