May 2

10:00 ANDĚL - interactive open-air 3D graphics creation

16:30 ZAHRÁDKY ŽIŽKOV – tribute to Andrej Giňa and Milan Šenki

21:00 JAZZ DOCK - Gypsy Jazz concert: Menil/ESP



The concept of “street art” covers all types of creative work that arise in a public space, which is why it is free to go beyond the framework of traditional art forms. In the case of the 3D graphics that are being specially prepared for the Khamoro Festival, these will be art that is created in the street and then installed there. 

The special technique of 3D drawings on asphalt, concrete, or other flat surfaces takes advantage of the phenomenon of optical illusion. It is only possible to see the third dimensaion of these images from a certain point – only from one side and from a certain perspective. What is sad (but also unusual) about these 3D graphics is that they will disappear with the first rain. Fortunately, however, they will last forever in photographs.

Three Bosnian artists -  Mersiha Džafić, Kemal Konaković  and Adis Zorlak – will present their creation of 3D graphics in Prague. They have dedicated themselves to this technique for five years. In Sarajevo they have been holding a Street Art Festival since 2012 that is annually visited by more than 100 000 people where artists from all over the world present their works. The aim of this prestigious event is to support young students from arts schools and to introduce their work to the broader public.     

In Prague those interested in the method of creating 3D graphics will be able not just to examine this method in progress, but also to attempt it themselves.


Metro Anděl /31. 5. 2016/


Khamoro does not forget the leading figures who have left their mark not just on Romani culture and history, but above all in our hearts

Through the traveling storytelling series of Olga Fečová and Ladislav Goral we will remember the leading Romani author Andrej Giňa and the famous musician Milan Šenki Korytár, both of whom combined an energy for life, love of music and Romani culture, and above all “paťiv” – respect for human beings and for life itself. Accompanied by brilliant musicians (Josef Šenki, Ivan Herák, Robert and Marek Boldi, Michal Marcin, Michal Taragoš, Zdeněk Jano and Milan Pacik), together with their friends and relatives, we will remember these exceptional Romani men. Come share your memories of them with us.


Zahrádky Žizkov /31. 5. 2016/ 


MENIL / Spain

The members of the Menil quartet are brilliant musicians with diverse musical pasts. Band leader Javier Sanchez is considered the best jazz guitarist in Spain. He established Menil three years ago together with violinist Raúl Márquez (who dedicates himself to flamenco in addition to  Gypsy Jazz), Fred PG (originally a blues guitarist) and Gerardo Ramos (one of the best-known doublebassists in Madrid). Even though Gypsy Jazz is not currently very popular in Spain, Javier says:  “I believe this music genre is experiencing a new impulse on our scene.” This is also proven by the fact that in 2015 they played more than 130 concerts! In the Czech Republic, however, this will be their very first. Gypsy Jazz is music that can calm you down, give you energy, make you happy and make you sad. Menil will certainly transmit some of this to you, too.


Jazz Dock /31. 5. 2016/



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