Milan Kroka is one of the most renowned Romani musicians. He is a brilliant singer and player on guitar and keyboard. His music style can be classified as traditional Romani folk music, pop, Latin-American music, world and ethno music and rumba. We are bringing you an interview with Milan Kroka below.

In 2012, Milan Kroka founded the Live Band music group, consisting of 5 members: Milan Kroka, Milan Kurej, Zdeněk Kurej, David Grundza, Roman Kryštof. Milan Kroka is a very humble person, cherishing his talent, as you can see in the interview.

What do you perceive to be the most important for your music career?

The most important for my music career is health, support, and tolerance. Without these things a full-time musician cannot work.

You are the author of the songs you play, where to you get inspiration?

I do write and arrange my music. I am inspired by life itself. I am sure that you will get the same answer from every musician, but it is true. Most of us write songs inspired by life and events, and I am no exception.

Who do you look up to?

I do not have any idols in music, but there are a few Romani artists who are inspirational for me. First and foremost, it is my father Josef Kroka, who has been an inspiration for me since my childhood. I find great inspiration also in the Kale group headed by Věra Bílá. They have taught me a great deal and I am really thankful to them, especially to Jan Dužda, who was a real mentor for me in traditional Romani music, and he deserves big appreciation for that. I should mention also Rytmus 84 – Giňovci from Rokycany, Ida Kelarová, Desiderius Dužda, Zdeněk Lázok, Josef Fečo. These have been and are my inspiration and a role models and I am grateful to them.

Many see you as a great Romani artist. How do you perceive that? 

I am trying to make music as I feel it, with my means. If people see me as a quality artist, I am not only pleased by that, but also honored.

What can be the audience of Khamoro be looking forward to? 

They can look forward to the new song Sam lache Roma, that was written by me with the help of Jan Dužda, who wrote the lyrics, and also to the song Gelem Gelem, that I took the liberty of arranging as a soul-jazz ballad. I think, that the audience will experience the right energy with us, that we will create it together.

Do you have any more wishes for your musical career? 

I wish mostly for health for myself and my close ones. Also to keep on performing with my project Milan Kroka – Live Band. God gave me a musical talent and I am bound to make music and give joy to people and live it myself, being happy and being able to live on it, hopefully. What else is there to wish for? I am thankful to God for this gift and for the opportunity to spread music. And thank you too for this interview. 


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