On Friday 28th August the partner Romani music festival Yagori starts in Oslo (Norway). Also this year, the Yagori Gypsy Music Festival introduces an interesting line-up. Well known and familiar bands will perform – for instance KAL from Serbia. They started playing in 2006 and they are so distinctive that the Western music critics have invented a new label for their style – Rock’n’Roma.

Natasha Bielenberg, the festival director, has invited KAL to Yagori after encountering them at Khamoro 2014. 

Other artists that will stir up the Scandinavian music scene are the Hungarian Romano Drom with their music inspired by Catalanian rumba, Arabic and Balkan traditional music, and also contemporary pop music. The French guitar magician Jean Louis Winterstein with his band will surely be a jazz fans’ cup of tea. 

Scheduled are also performances of the Latvian band Sare Roma and the Norwegian virtuoso violist Arve Tellefsen who picked up his instrument at the age of six and nowadays is globally collecting prizes for his specific style and mastery.

Blood will surely run faster through the veins of the audience of the Spanish music and dance group Puerto Flamenco from Sevilla, presenting the contemporary flamenco trends in their raw, boisterous way. The audience of Khamoro 2014 knows them from Prague, too. 

We cannot omit the dance-music ensemble Raya & Gypsy Legacy that will open the festival together with Arve Tellefsenen

The festival director Natasha Udovikova Bielenberg together with Alec Ivanovitch from the Raya & Gypsy Legacy band attended this year’s Khamoro in Prague, where she also discussed dramaturgy of her Yagori festival. Aleco Ivanovitch conducted guitar workshops at Khamoro, successful especially among students of music schools. Natasha has also talked with young Roma who were part of the “Khamoro shares experience” programme.

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